Welcome to Fred's Collectables Shop!

We’re proud to launch our new collectables site! So have a look around before spending your collectables tokens on our lovely Fred items. We’re beavering away, creating new products with some fantastic partners for the new year – join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be the first to know more.

  • Jute Bag

    A great quality ‘bag for life’ featuring our very own Homepride Fred. Made from jute...
  • Flour Shaker

    A handy, tin flour shaker ideal for flouring your work surface prior to rolling out...
  • Measuring Spoons

    A kitchen staple – this useful set of five measuring spoons ranging from ¼ teaspoon...
  • Pastry Brush

    A stylish brushed aluminium handle with silicone brush, this is a must-have for everything from...
  • USB

    Our Fred shaped USB stick is the ideal item if you need somewhere to store...
  • Pie Funnel

    A cute ceramic pie funnel for allowing the steam out of your best bakes. Shaped...