Welcome to Fred's Collectables Shop!

We’re proud to launch our new collectables site! So have a look around before spending your collectables tokens on our lovely Fred items. We’re beavering away, creating new products with some fantastic partners for the new year – join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be the first to know more.

Read about using our tokens first

The items below require you to send us tokens as part payment (click into each product to see how many tokens are required). One token is available on every box of our plain, self-raising and strong bread flour. Once you have the required number of tokens for your collectable(s), print off the form available here, fill in the form and stick on your collectables tokens. Instead of the form, you can stick the collectables tokens onto a piece of paper with your name, address with postcode, item(s) purchased and the order number you have received in your order confirmation email.

In the event you purchase from the site yet fail to furnish sufficient tokens within 30 days we reserve the right to cancel your order after notifying you of such. You will be fully refunded minus any deductions for processing the original order.

Once you complete the purchase of the product at Fred's Collectables Shop, you should send the collectables tokens to the following address: the Homepride Collectables Team, Homepride Flour, PO Box 100, Blackburn, BB2 9FL.